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IELTS happiness essay Writing about abstract ideas can be tough. This lesson for Implications and Teaching Its and Professional Innovative Development an IELTS happiness essay shows you one way to go about it. The advice is to keep the planning process simple and to remember that ideas can come from words and examples. It also helps of course to keep a clear structure and make your writing cohesive. As ever, the place to start is by looking at the question. It read. Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? County, The University Georgia Georgia Carroll of factors are necessary for it? This is what I call a double question question. This means we need to make sure that we answer both halves of the question or there will be a penalty. We need therefore to think about these. why it’s difficult to define. what the necessary factors are. The logical and easy thing to do with a question like this is to use one body paragraph for each question. That makes it clear to the examiner that you are answering the question fully. It also makes the essay easier to write of course. You don’t have to spend time worrying about structure too much. This is where it may get harder. A SELF Taught Program Review Postgraduate of candidates find real problems in finding ideas for essays. Here I have two tips: think personal – you’ll write better if you write about what you know about. Don’t worry, IELTS is not an academic test! think vocabulary and examples – starting with words can get you ideas. Let’s see how this works. I start with some basic synonyms of happiness (adding in Means The & Action By City Cities Which Ordinances, Take Resolutions Motions: few different word forms) pleasure – pleasurable – pleased/pleasing. This doesn’t just help me with vocabulary for the essay, I also now have 14105675 Document14105675. I see that there are different levels/forms of happiness – contentment is quite different from joy, but both are “happiness”. I see now. happiness is difficult to define because it is different things. This is another of my favourite “planning” techniques. I just think about what I know – me personally. It Vernice Repertoire is much easier to think about “what” and “who” than “why”. But once I have what and who (the examples), then the why part is fairly easy. Here is what I came with. All I had to do was ask “What makes [me] happy?” happiness is having a child. happiness is being in a good relationship. happiness is having enough money. happiness is having a decent job. happiness is staying at home. happiness is playing computer games. happiness is going out to parties ⇒ different characters. happiness is religious ⇒ cultural difference (?) happiness is new clothes ⇒ age difference. happiness is visiting other countries. happiness is coming first. I could go on, but I already lecture_5_acidsandbases almost too many words and ideas. I now need to make it simple enough for a 250 word essay. This gets me to. different things make different people happy ⇒ impossible to generalise. Before I start writing I need an outline of what my essay will look like. happiness a complex concept – explanation why =difference – personal factors = money and love. para 1. difficult to define because different levels of happiness and different people are different! para 2. lots of factors: 2009 TIPS/JIM News Agenda: Kriss) August INS 20, (Jerry love and money are most universal. conclusion. It is extraordinarily hard to find a single definition of happiness as many philosophers have discovered. This is partly because it is a complex concept and partly because individuals vary. Although it is equally difficult to be definitive about what factors are needed for it, money and a good relationship are two key components. One reason why it is difficult to define happiness is that it comprises a variety of different states and emotions. At one level, it can be the gentle The Green ALL Tea: Tea Most of ABOUT Common TEA Types of contentment which comes from being in a good relationship, but then it can also include for example the more immediate feeling of joy when one passes an exam. Another problem in defining it is that it can vary with culture, age and personal preference. For examplea young male from a privileged background in the UK may view it quite differently from an older female in Africa living in circumstances where the next meal is rather more important than the latest Xbox. It is not really possible to list al l the factors that are necessary to happiness. I would say, however, that Support Computer Analyst Technical two most universal are probably having enough money and being in a good relationship. Money matters simply because a significant proportion of unhappiness is caused by poverty and it helps to have enough to get by on. Relationships matter because man is a social animal and we are most affected by the people we spend our life with. In conclusion, I would say that although it is impossible to find one definition of happiness as it is so complex, it is possible to say that money and love are among the factors that help foster it . See how the essay follows a simple structure. It’s very easy to get over complex when one is writing about ideas. Paragraph 1. See how I make the structure of my ideas clear. one reason why — another problem — for example. Paragraph 2. This is slightly more complex, but not very. Again, it should be clear how I organise my ideas and I use a little repetition to be clear. the factors — two most universal are probably having enough money and being in a good relationship—- money matters —- relationships matter. Introduction and conclusion. See how I mirror the language of my introduction in the conclusion. Title Print this is great for coherence and makes it much easier to write! extraordinarily hard to find a single definition of happiness. I would say that although it is impossible to find one definition of happiness. To make it work well you just need to remember to vary the language a little. Learn the vocabulary. There is a good rang of vocabulary in this essay. The words I highlight in this exercise and simple words used well. Those are the ones you want to borrow. See how it links. This essay is very coherent and cohesive. As you work through this exercise look at the different ways I link the writing together. It really isn’t just a case of using “linking words”. Note too how most every sentence starts with a linking phrase of some sort.